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This book is about a game made as a punishment for the people who


Point of wiev

The whole book is written in a first-person point of view, obviously in Katniss Everdeen’s point of view. She tells us what happens, describes every little thing around her and shares her thoughts with us. No one else gets the chance to talk straight to us.


There are a lot of smaller turning points in the narrative. One is at the reaping, when the odds are actually in Prim’s favour, because a slip with her name is entered in the pool only once while, for example, Katniss’ name is entered twenty times and Gales as much as forty-two times (they enter their names more times when they get older and to exchange for food). So the chance for Prim to be selected hardly exists, it’s one in thousands. But still, Primrose Everdeen is the name they read out at the reaping. No one really believes what they just heard, especially not Katniss. When her ability to speak finally returns she screams out the very SÄLLSYNTA UTTRYTCKET. The UTTRYCK that hasn’t been used in the district for descends. “I volunteer!”. The plot turns around very quickly and now it’s suddenly Katniss mission to fight in The Hunger Games.


Another turning point is when they get into the arena and Peeta, who is the second tribute from district 12 joins a pack with the toughest tributes and turns his back against Katniss. Not only forsaking her but also helping the others to find her, so they can kill their biggest threat. When Katniss finds out what Peeta has done to her, she realizes that she is completely alone in the arena, and then again the plot turns.


The real turning point though, is at the end of the games when everyone, except Katniss and Peeta of course, is dead. Either killed by other tributes, natural disasters or starvation. Katniss and Peeta has forgiven each other and once again work together as a team. They have no plans on killing each other, but someone has to win or the games won’t end.  So after surviving the man-eating dogs and several others attempts to kill one of them made by the Capitol, they both decide to eat poisonous berries as a last protest against the games and an escape from killing each other. When they have counted to three and are just about to put the berries in their mouths, a voice from the Capitol tells them to stop. And after that he represents the winners (yes winners, not winner) of the 74th Hunger Games. And having that said he admits the Capitols lost against the people.






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