book report - of mice and men

Of mice and men­
Frida Jonsson



1. I disliked the book very much actually. Mostly because we were forced to read it, that gave me absolutely no motivation. If we could have chosen any book we would have wanted instead, this assignment would have been much more interesting and actually kind of fun.

The book itself wasn’t so good either. I don’t like it when books are written with some type of dialect or slang. That only makes it harder to read and understand and I can’t see a point of doing it.
The story though, was pretty good. The way George treated Lennie was kind of cute and very mature of him.

It wasn’t so hard to read, just boring. The pages wasn’t too long and the chapters were pretty short, that made it easier to go trough the whole book.


2. The movie was better than the book, according to me. The dialects and the slang were easier to understand when you heard them instead of reading them. The characters became clearer when seeing them instead of imaging them, (even though the point of reading a book sometimes can be to imagine how everything looks without seeing it.) and the movie was more up to date then the book. I personally don’t like movies, TV-shows, commercials, books or any media that looks very old and unprofessional.

The story went on faster in the movie as well. In the book I almost fell asleep when I read page after page and nothing new happened. I guess I’m just more interested in movies than in books.
3. Hi there Slim!
It’s me, George, from the ranch we worked on together near Soledad. It’s been a while since last time we heard from each other, huh? Well, I thought it was about time now. I saw your name in the newspaper yesterday when I was driving trough the old town, that’s where I got the idea to contact you. So you’ve become a dad now? I’m glad to here. I hope your wife is doing fine; her name is Jenny, right?

My life has been pretty much like I imagined these last ten years. I do no longer work at ranches, instead I have my own farm with a cow, some hens, a horse and of course some rabbits. Too bad I don’t have Lennie here to tend them, now they’re all wild. You see, we had this plan, Lennie and I, we were saving money for this farm I had heard of a bit east from Soledad. Every time he was sad or felt bad he asked me to tell him about our dream, our vision. I can’t even remember how many times I did. And he always sat down with those big blue eyes of a child, filling in my words (as he had heard it so many times before) and imagining how it would be to tend them rabbits we were going to have.

Oh Lennie, god damn I miss that guy. He was truly one of a kind. Like you once said: “Guy no need no sense”, he sure didn’t need no sense to be a nice fella. He was nice even to Curley that cuckoo. You can’t imagine how bad I’ve felt for pulling that trigger. How much I’ve regretted that I let him stay in the barn while we were out playing with the horseshoes. How much I wished we’d never even come to that ranch. He was my responsibility and it was my entire fault. I let him down, poor Lennie. He didn’t mean to hurt him, we all knew that. So sad he was so strong.


A couple of days ago I went trough that terrible day in my head, detail by detail, like thousands and thousands of times before, and I could now remember what you said to me afterwards. I haven’t been thinking about anything after the shot before now. Do you remember what you said to me while I was sitting there like a fool staring at my right hand? It was something like: “Never mind, a guy got to sometimes”.

Those words were so smart Slim. It was the ugly truth, really. You were the only man there who actually understood what I had done and why. You knew that I did it for mercy. He had to die, and it was better to kill him myself than let a stranger kill my friend. I did, in fact, relieve his dead by giving him beautiful last thoughts about those got damn rabbits. Oh Lennie, I miss him.

And now I can remember another nice thing you did to us. Do you remember when Curley started to beat Lennie up and ended up with a crushed hand? And you protected Lennie by telling Curley what he was going to say happened to his hand. That he got it caught in a machine. That was brave of you, Slim.


You know what? We should meat up sometime. Get something to eat, maybe a beer or two. Like I said, it’s been a while, we have a lot to catch up.


Stay in touch,




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