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POPULATION - About 4 million people live in Barcelona. Half of them in the city, and half of them in suburbs.
SIZE/GEOGRAPHY - The city is about 100 square kilometres big, which is three times smaller than Stockholm. It’s located in the very north of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. A district called “The Eixample” has, as you can see, very straight streets, a strict grid pattern and square blocks. 

HISTORY - In 1992 Barcelona was the host city of the Olympic games. This was the last time the Summer and Winter games were staged in the same year. 

MUSIC - Chasing the Beats is one of the big music festivals that the city hosts each year.
MEDIA - Barça TV is FC Barcelona’s own television channel where you can hear all the latest news about the club.

FC BARCELONA - started as a football club, but now involves many different sports. In 2009 the club bought Zlatan Ibrahimovic for almost 75 million euros, which is approximately 660 million swedish crowns. Ronaldinho has also played for the club. 

It’s the SECOND LARGEST CITY in Spain and one of the most important cities on earth.     

GAUDI - was an architect who gave Barcelona its unique look. You can see his work all over the city. 6 of them are now World Heritages. La Sagrada Familia is a church he began to build in 1882 and it’s still not finished. 

PARK GUELL - is also Gaudi’s work. It contains stone structures, tiling, plants and fascinating buildings. 
A place worth visiting. 



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